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Class placement is determined based on a September 1 birthday.

​18-24-Month-Old Class

At this time, this class is not available for the 2020/2021 school year.  Classes in this age have a curriculum based on individual play and small group interaction, outside play, snack, lunch, music and motor development, and Bible class. They are in the beginning stages of understanding the concept of school.  Children in this age group must be walking to be able to attend. Child/teacher ratio is 9:2. 

2-Year-Old Class

The children are grouped together by birthdays to better meet their developmental levels.  This age group stays busy with their play.  A day might include story time, crafts, music and motor development, classroom centers, playground time, Bible class, snack and lunch.  The main emphasis is socialization, language, motor skills and fun.  This is their first introduction to group and story time, following simple directions and understanding transition from one area to another during the course of the day.  Child/teacher ratio is 12:2.  We offer Monday/Wednesday/Friday and Tuesday/Thursday classes.

3-Year-Old Class

The children are grouped according to their birthdays in order to better serve their developmental levels.  This age group gets messy with their fun art and other activities, so you will see lots of painting, play dough and arts/crafts project in the classroom.  They will also be involved in music/motor class, story time, centers in the classroom, playground time, Bible class, snack and lunch.  Letters and numbers are introduced as part of  craft projects, centers time and/or group time.  Math, science and social studies are taught with the use of manipulative hands-on materials as well as play. Child/teacher ratio is 16:2. We offer Monday/Wednesday/Friday and Tuesday/Thursday classes.

4-Year-Old Class

These classes help prepare the children for kindergarten.  Listening and following directions, vocabulary development, thinking skills, exploration of materials, socialization skills, science, social studies and math, as well as pre-readiness academics are all encompassed in these classes.  The children will be exposed to letters and initial consonants, numbers, counting skills and beginning language arts skills.  While many children will master these skills with ease, we feel that introducing them is our goal.  Four year olds are curious learners and these are skills to stimulate their curiosity.  Child/teacher ratio is 18:2.   We offer Monday/Wednesday/Friday and Monday-Thursday classes (4-day 4s).

Friday Enrichment Class

We offer an enrichment class on Fridays for four year olds who are also enrolled in the M-Th class at Cornerstone.  This class is intended to enrich the curriculum of our pre-kindergarten program.  This is a hands-on class involving many group projects and exploration activities.  There needs to be a minimum of 7 for this class to be held.

Learn-a-lot Class

​This class is for children who are not quite ready for kindergarten.  This transition class is designed for children that have completed a pre-kindergarten program and want an extra year to grow and mature before beginning kindergarten.  This program extends and builds from our four-year-old pre-kindergarten program and offers pre-reading and math extension with science exploration.  In addition, there are many activities with fine motor, vocabulary stimulation, listening and following of directions, as well as story time, arts and crafts, center play and socialization.  This is a five-day program that allows the children time to grow socially and emotionally while continuing to work on kindergarten readiness skills.  Children must turn 5 by December 31 and should have previous preschool experience.

Kindergarten Readiness for 4s and Learn-a-lot Classes

Our kindergarten readiness curriculum coincides with readiness standards set by the TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) and CFISD. Our academics focus on pre-reading skills such as alphabet sounds, initial consonants, rhyming, and sight word recognition and math skills such as one-to-one correspondence, patterning, subitizing, and number relationships, Science exploration and STEM are also emphasized.


Stay and Play Extended Day

This program is currently on hold until further notice due to the COVID-19 Enhanced Health and Safety Procedures - August 1, 2020

Stay and Play, an extended day opportunity, is offered two Mondays and two Tuesdays each month.  It gives your child an opportunity to stay until 2:30, enjoying snack with friends, playing in a classroom, and engaging in playground activities.  There is an additional charge, and a Stay and Play sign-up sheet comes home in your child's backpack each month for this optional late-day stay.

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