About Us

Cornerstone UMC Preschool . . .

. . . is a  ministry of Cornerstone United Methodist Church.

. . . has been serving the needs of the community since 1985.  We are a state-licensed facility and operate five, half-days per week.  From the youngest ages, our programs are built to prepare the children academically, socially, emotionally and physically for kindergarten and beyond.  Our program is foundational for the future, and our children learn through center-based play.

. . . is an early childhood program designed to provide a loving, Christian environment for all children.  Our philosophy is that children learn through play, so the themes and units each year reflect activities that enhance both mind and body.  They may spend time learning about Bible heroes or what it might feel like to be a fish in the ocean.  Children may experience a visit from firemen, Mother Goose or a dentist.  They learn about God's creation, and are encouraged to celebrate His world.  Our center-based program allows days filled with stories read by parents or teachers, hands-on manipulatives, gross and fine motor development, art, music, a Bible lesson, centers developed around the theme, and a variety of other adventures.  With curriculum developmentally appropriate for each age, these are central to all areas of learning:  arts, science, math, pre-reading, language, music and motor, and Biblical foundations.  These are the stepping stones for our future generations, and each year builds on the next so the foundations are strong.

. . . is a place where energy is abundant and the children have the opportunity to open their eyes to the miracle of being a child of God.


If you are new to our preschool and would like to tour our school, please contact our office at 281-859-1612    or email us at   pssec@cornerstoneumc.org.


We would love to show you our 

children engaged in activities 

and our wonderful facility!



Check out our Registration tab for information about registration.​









We are a non-discriminatory ministry of Cornerstone United Methodist Church.

Copyright 2020 Cornerstone UMC Preschool

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